Scottish Yoga Conference
27-29 September 2019


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Sonia | Pause! Seal The Deal

Be proud of your victories, failures, progress and scars. When a bowl is broken in Japan it is put back together and the cracks are filled with gold, creating a beautiful lining. This is to emphasize the beauty in healing what was once broken. None of us are broken beyond repair. Let’s turn our shared experiences in life into new and useful, inspiring perspectives. Let’s: CUT CLEAR.

In this closing session, we connect quality movement with shared mind introspection. Filled with humor and heart medicine, we will weave movement experience together with a thoroughly modern look on how the way you move reflects on your relationship with everything. Encouraging everyone to live their lives authentically and in full totality, embracing the sheer fact of being alive, here and now. Break through old dis-empowering stories and invent yourself new: an honest you, built by new insights, resulting in a clear-cut representation of who truly you are.

I expect you to move beyond ‘should.’ You and only you: know who you are, know what to eat, and know how to live. Walk your talk. Seal your Deal. Feel connected, whole, encouraged and ready to contribute your highest.

“Beauty is what grows from the raw waters, it comes organically. Cannot be tried, forced, or efforted. sprouts from the real. Truth. It will only ever arise from relaxation. Being vulnerable. Surrendering into moments that pass by given. Gifted from LIFE.” – Sonia Taylor Bach

Earlier Event: September 29
Finlay | Unlocking the shoulders